During this time of uncertainty, we are doing our best to help the individuals we support to maintain a sense of normalcy and continue living their best quality life while keeping their health and this pandemic in the forefront of our minds.
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Advocates for All

SJCS strongly believes that regardless of an individual’s circumstance, whether that be economic status, race, religion, age, mental or physical disability, sex, sexual orientation or identity⁠—the people we serve, our employees and those we encounter in the communities we serve, deserve the right and opportunity to live their best lives. Our video series Advocates for All, are compilations of candid, personal and in-depth interviews with individuals sharing their experiences, ideas, and thoughts on what it means to be an advocate, an ally, and a member of our incredibly diverse community.

We are St. John’s Community Services and we are Advocates for All!  

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Most of us have been on the receiving end of that message, and it seems like a small, easy act…Read More

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“We take individual goals and mash it up with some passion,” Precious Myers-Brown, Chief…Read More

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SMYAL is a 35-year-old organization that was founded in DC to stop the institutionalization of…Read More

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Did you know that 40% of homeless youth identify as LGTBQ, and in many cases…Read More

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Alex explains as a Trans person how choosing a place to work was based on more than just…Read More

Advancing Community During a Time of Crisis

We are all experiencing the effects of isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic and realizing how very important personal connections are especially in a time of uncertainty. At SJCS our Mission is to advance inclusive communities, however, the new norm of social distancing we are having to re-imagine what that means. On a daily basis we are leveraging technology to connect the people we support with their loved ones and vital services and therapies. If there is one thing this world health crisis is teaching us, it is how very important a sense of community is, even if we have to rethink and change the way we connect with each other while apart.

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