Providing opportunities for individuals with disabilities and other vulnerable populations to live their best lives, with the help of community members like you.

At St. John’s Community Services (SJCS) we break down barriers, provide individual support, innovative tools, technology, job assistance, home services, and more, through passionate and person-centered programs.

We enable dreams in our communities.

Enabling Tech

Enabling Technology (all locations)

Finding innovative ways to utilize technology and maximize the independence and quality of life for the vulnerable individuals we support.

Art & Music Therapies

Art & Music Therapies (DC, VA, NY)

Fostering self-expression and providing a person-centered holistic approach through alternative therapies and art endeavors.

Ithaca Shelter

Ithaca Shelter (NY)

Providing shelter and support services to community members experiencing homelessness. Also providing a food pantry for the Ithaca, NY community.

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Residential & Community-Based Services

Residential & Community-Based Services (DC, VA, DE)

Supporting men and women with disabilities in finding their ideal living situation and assisting them in maintaining their independent living within their communities, through engagement and employment.

Harlan Morris Retirement Community

Harlan Morris Retirement Community (TN)

Providing safe, quality, and affordable senior living with compassionate care.

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Oasis (DC)

Providing shelter and wrap-around support services for youth (ages 18-24yrs) to assist them in creating the future of independence they strive for, leaving homelessness in their past.