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As of August 1, 2014, SJCS is a proud approved provider in the state of Delaware! SJCS-DE provides Employment and Community Participation Services to adults with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities in north Delaware following the community-based model in all other SJCS locations. SJCS Employment Specialists support each individual and work closely with employers and co-workers to ensure a strong job match and a positive work experience.

In the unique Community Participation program, staff members support people to learn new skills through community activities such as shopping, banking, and using library services, as well as forming relationships through shared interests such as art, writing, computer technology, religion, and culture. Our goal is to build better communities by supporting people with disabilities to be integrated into all aspects of communities of their choosing.

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As a community, we drive social change for all people nationwide, and continue to advocate for full inclusion of people with disabilities and other social and personal challenges into their local communities. We do this through assistance with access to housing, employment, education, healthcare and relationships. We open the doors to autonomy where each person becomes a strong thread in a woven fabric which supports and binds neighbors together.  

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