Jodi Albright has worked for SJCS for 8 years, but has worked in the field of serving people with disabilities for over 25 years. She has always loved music and found her two passions colliding when she went to school for Music Therapy. “I love my job, I love it because it’s my passion,” Jodi shared.

      Now Jodi meets with her clients, to sing and play instruments to fulfil therapeutic needs for the people she supports. The pandemic has made this a little difficult but your support in providing technology for the people we support has helped Jodi find a way to work around social distancing and perform her sessions via Zoom.

      Sessions always begin with a hello song and end with a goodbye song. But the real magic happens in between, while Jodi and the men and women she supports to play music, share rhythms, dance, and sing. Each session is individualized to the person being supported, to reach specific goals and tend to the distinct needs of each individual.

      “Music therapy is amazing, it’s a way for people to express themselves” Jodi described. In a world where having a disability sometimes means expressing yourself is difficult, music therapy can fulfill the needs we all have, to be individuals, to be unique, and to be heard.