Jeff Clark was a SJCS Board member from 1994-2014. He was first introduced to the organization, by accounting clients the Fosters. Margo Foster was part of the SJCS Ladies’ Board later to be known as the Founders Board. During their meetings, she would often share about SJCS and why the organization was doing such important work for children and adults with disabilities in the District of Columbia.

      Jeff’s interest peaked and as he learned more about SJCS, he realized that the Board was not made up of figureheads to write checks. The Board was hands-on, “it was a working Board,” Jeff described, “that helped make decisions, influence programs and was deeply involved in the way the individuals with disabilities were served.”

      For Jeff who had cousins with disabilities SJCS was a perfect fit. His passion for the work only grew over the years, and SJCS holds a special place in his heart. This past year Jeff decided that even though 20 years as a Board Member is a long legacy, he wanted to do more. Jeff left a sizable donation to SJCS in his will because “it was such a big part of my life, and it’s a great organization,” Jeff Shared.

      Have you ever thought about leaving a Legacy Gift?

      Contact Bessie Thibodeaux-Blecher at (202) 746-6557 or bbelcher@sjcs.org to discuss how you can make a lasting impact on the lives of people supported by SJCS.