Jane found herself experiencing homelessness while fleeing domestic violence. She was a regular face at our shelter, on and off for a couple of years.

      Jane returned to the SJCS homeless shelter in Ithaca, NY, this past fall after having disappeared for almost the entire summer. When Jane returned in September of 2020, she was in a mental health crisis. After piecing together the story of her travels, we suspect Jane had spent months as a victim of human trafficking.

      When she first arrived back, she was put into a mandatory quarantine due to the pandemic. While isolated Jane became depressed and suicidal. Mental health has been one of the main barriers Jane has struggled to overcome. She was hospitalized and after being released she returned to the SJCS shelter again.

      With your help, we had been able to support Jane as needed every time she returned.

      Something felt different about this time though. Jane seemed very determined to leave homelessness behind

      The support you provide is helping Jane to achieve her dream. You are also ensuring that when Jane needs somewhere safe to turn to she has one. When Jane needed a trusting environment to create a plan for the future she received it. When Jane needed permanent supportive housing she had it. All because you were there.

      Today Jane is living in her own studio apartment. She is still receiving the mental health and support services necessary to stay on track and fully leave homelessness behind her. We are so very proud of Jane and all of the progress she has made. Thank you for never giving up on Jane.