St. John’s Community Services offers a number of technical support services and technical advice related to Enabling Technology, including the installation, administration, and troubleshooting of remote monitoring technology and software. These systems provide the people we serve with disabilities greater independence as they are given the opportunity to live their best lives.

Gerald’s wish of gaining more independence has come true with the support of Enabling Technology. Assistive tech like a video doorbell, a tech medication box, and a stove sensor have lowered the need for round-the-clock staff and given Gerald the privacy and lifestyle he wants.

So many of the individuals SJCS supports use technology to communicate with loved ones and receive vital services. Meet Jason who has been with SJCS in Bartlett, TN, since 2000. Jason is an easy going guys. He is non- verbal, but communicates in variety of ways. One of Jason’s favorite ways to communicate is via Skype to his parents. Jason’s parents live out of his state, but he gets to see them often via Skype. Having the ability to see his parent puts a smile on Jason’s face. You can help the vulnerable individuals we support during this health crisis access necessary technologies to help them live their best life.

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