SJCS Stories

Delaware Employment Success

The Western YMCA of Delaware in Newark was busy all summer. At the center of the action was Anne, who has been successfully employed as Membership Associate for over a year. SJCS helped Anne find and hold this position. Our Employment Specialist, Donna Hopkins, developed this customized role in partnership with the Y and the Delaware Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. Anne loves her job, specifically working with kids.

Anne had a traumatic brain injury several years ago and struggled to find her place in the community before working with St. Johns. Anne’s mother said, “survivors of brain injury most often lose their jobs not from being unable to master the tasks, but because of their behaviors. Employers were unwilling to take a chance on hiring her, until SJCS advocated on her behalf.

Anne’s employment coach was quick to anticipate and support Anne during outbursts before Y clients and staff could notice. Anne’s supervisors have been accommodating and helpful as Anne has learned her new role. SJCS has been indispensable in establishing partnerships to support Anne.” Anne looks forward to going to work every day and we are proud of her success!