During this time of uncertainty, we are doing our best to help the individuals we support to maintain a sense of normalcy and continue living their best quality life while keeping their health and this pandemic in the forefront of our minds.

Our organization is currently working tirelessly to ensure the health and safety of the individuals we serve, our employees and our communities. Our leadership team is meeting daily (remotely) to stay abreast of this dynamic situation. We are frequently in communication with local health officials to ensure real-time responses and alterations to the services we provide.

At SJCS we serve many medically vulnerable individuals and are taking every precaution necessary to protect them as well as our staff throughout this situation. We are ensuring our facilities are deep cleaned and sanitized beyond our regular cleanliness standards.

SJCS programs are adjusting to minimize the risk of transmission to people we support and staff. We are currently limiting Day Services to those approved for in-home services, and have suspended community-based Day Services until further notice. We are placing restrictions on visitation in all programs, and have made program modifications with our Retirement Community in Tennessee, as well as the Emergency Shelter & Friendship Center in New York. We are also working to expand our use of technology to provide remote supports where appropriate. To that end, SJCS is endlessly appreciative to have dedicated and cooperative team members who are adjusting with all of these program changes.

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