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Tune in for another inspirational Champions in the Crisis interview with Alan Thornton, President & CEO of SJCS, and Ryan Tempel, SJCS Regional Director in Bartlett TN. They discuss leading in the midst of a pandemic, the challenges Ryan and his team face as the State of Tennessee starts to reopen, and all of the adjustments being made to our programs to ensure the health and safety of the medically vulnerable individuals we support and our frontline staff.

At SJCS, growth and innovation are part of our DNA, and even during what seems like a stagnate time, our teams in TN are still making moves to become involved with other local vulnerable populations to see where we can help the most. Ryan is leading by example in TN and reflects on his own personal road to recovery after a devastating tragedy two years ago, and the importance of self-care in continuing to endure this health crisis, at home and on the work front.

The novel coronavirus has changed many things, it has changed the way we work, interact, and communicate. It has created new standards of health safety. It is currently changing the economic landscape of our country as we all hunker down and wonder what it will be like to return to our daily lives. “During these times of uncertainty,” has become the first line of every email that hits our inbox, but during these times, one thing is certain, and that is, that COVID-19 has not changed the dedication of the team at SJCS. We are proud of how our team members have reacted in this pandemic, their level of selflessness, their caring for the vulnerable individuals they support, and their flexibility to help out in any way possible. Our team is amazing and have truly proven to be champions in the midst of this crisis.

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