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With many of the vulnerable populations SJCS supports, social distancing is difficult to practice, whether that be in a residential setting, home care, or our homeless shelter. Roy Murdough, Ithaca Shelter Program Director, shares with Alan Thornton, President and CEO of SJCS, the precautions and struggles he, his staff and the individuals experiencing homelessness are facing during this national health crisis.

The novel coronavirus has changed many things, it has changed the way we work, interact, and communicate. It has created new standards of health safety. It is currently changing the economic landscape of our country as we all hunker down and wonder what it will be like to return to our daily lives. “During these times of uncertainty,” has become the first line of every email that hits our inbox, but during these times, one thing is certain, and that is, that COVID-19 has not changed the dedication of the team at SJCS. We are proud of how our team members have reacted in this pandemic, their level of selflessness, their caring for the vulnerable individuals they support, and their flexibility to help out in any way possible. Our team is amazing and have truly proven to be champions in the midst of this crisis.

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