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Spring Growth at St. John’s

Dear Friends,

During the spring, I am filled by optimism from longer days, more sunshine, and increasingly warmer weather. For many of us, spring is a time for new beginnings when opportunities start to take root. At St. John’s Community Services, we are in a period of new growth and opportunities, both as an organization and with respect to the individuals we serve.

One example of a new opportunity is exemplified by Dee in Washington, DC. A primary goal of ours has long been to help individuals try new activities in their communities. Dee recently participated in her first improv class! Initially, the idea of speaking and acting in front of strangers was daunting, but the instructor quickly made everyone in the classroom feel included and respected. Dee soon got over her nerves and enjoyed being creative while working with others. She has continued going to her improv class, and has made new friends in that community. Beyond her acting, Dee has blossomed with self-confidence and the ability to express herself. Because of St. John’s, Dee is gaining new skills and has found a place where she can grow as an artist and personally.

St. John’s is also experiencing new growth as an organization. This past year we expanded our services into Maryland, and we are now exploring new partnerships in Tennessee. Then in November of 2018, St. John’s began outreach and services to people experiencing homelessness and hunger in Ithaca, New York. In February alone, our shelter in Ithaca supported over 425 individuals. Simultaneously, the food pantry served 1,500 meals to 140 adults and 28 children. This work provides immediate support for those who need it most. We are also excited to bring our expertise and philosophy into the services we provide in Ithaca! St. John’s has a strong background in supporting individuals to find good jobs, in helping people to become independent members of the community, and in fighting for people often marginalized in society. Through our work, we provide new opportunities and hope for those facing some of the most difficult situations.

We are always looking for the best way to support the communities we serve, and committed to maintaining our high quality and individualized care for every person we serve. Your generosity is critical to our work to “Advance inclusive communities where every person, regardless of circumstances, has the right and opportunity to live their best life.” Please consider making a life-changing gift of $25, $50, or $100 to provide hope and new opportunities for people we support. Your contribution enables us to not only meet the critical needs of people like Dee, but to go beyond, helping people realize their full potential, and to live interdependent, successful lives.

Thank you for caring so much and for your continued generosity!






President & CEO
St. John’s Community Services