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Tonio’s Talks: Meet Hawanatu Kamara

Hawanatu Kamara is an Administrative Assistant in the DC office. In her role, she helps everyone stay organized. She has been happily employed by St. John’s for the past two years, after finding the position through the suggestion of a friend. Hawanatu’s easy-going personality, confidence, and intelligence are a great addition to the DC team.

Hawanatu says her favorite part of working for St. John’s is the pleasant demeanors of her colleagues. “They are wonderful collaborators on projects. We assist each other when there is difficulty with our own assignments.” Hawanatu believes in doing her job to her maximum ability. She is often the first person seen or heard by those entering the DC office, and always works to ensure that St. John’s a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone.

Outside of work, Hawanatu loves food and enjoys cooking meals from her native country, Sierra Leone (on the West coast of Africa.) She also spends time learning and reading books. Hawanatu told me that I might be surprised to learn that she is a successful window shopper. Her version of having fun doesn’t always include spending money.