SJCS Stories

What Does My Future Look Like?

Kristen came to St. John’s Community Services-Tennessee (SJCS-TN) in October 2016. With SJCS-TN’s support, she moved into a supported living home and started a new chapter of her life. Before long, Kristen had developed her SJCS family. For the first time in her 18 years, with staff assistance, Kristen went shopping and bought new clothes for herself. She was so excited! For the first time in her life, she had her own room.  She went through elementary and middle school, and then on to high school. In April 2017, much to her delight, she was voted Prom Queen! She graduated with a high school diploma in May 2017. SJCS staff did their part to make these the best days of her life. After a summer break, Kristen will pursue an Early Childhood Development Certificate at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology.  She wishes to use this education to help young children with special needs. “I want to be that person for a child that will change their life for the better. I never got that person as a child.”