SJCS Stories

Tony and Alex’s Beach Vacation

By Jodi Albright, SJCS Program Coordinator
Last week, Tony and Alex, with the support of St. John’s Staff Oji and Jodi (that’s me,) took a refreshing vacation to Rehoboth Beach! Rehobeth is a few hours from Alex and Tony’s St. John’s supported home in DC. We arrived in the afternoon and immediately went to check out the boardwalk, souvenir shops, and to get a snack before checking into their condo near the beach.

The second day was spent at the beach. The weather was perfect and Alex was very happy spending time with everyone on the beach. With their boogie boards and sunscreen Alex and Tony enjoyed a day in and out of the water. Alex even approached a lifeguard, introduced himself and reported Oji for going too far out in the water (it was up to his knees). In the afternoon, we rode down the coast and to visit Ocean City, MD about 45 minutes away. There Alex and I went to the boardwalk shops, Tony and Oji went to the boardwalk amusement park, before meeting up again for dinner and dessert. We were all pretty tired and ready to get back to Rehoboth, but we had a great day!

Alex practiced his guitar independently a few times in the mornings. He wanted to be ready to play his guitar on the boardwalk on our last day. Alex was very excited to perform, and he was specific about the seven songs he wanted me to perform with him. He asked for help tuning his guitar, and then he was ready! Alex and I found the perfect place on the boardwalk. Tony suggested that Alex open his guitar case so he could earn some money for his talents. Tony even put the first dollar in. After each song, Alex received applause and the people listening gave him money! He did a great job singing and playing and was very proud. He got just over $5.00 for his efforts. We had lunch on the boardwalk and enjoyed a few more hours in the sun before returning to DC. The ride home was beautiful and the weather was great. The short vacation was a success and everyone enjoyed the entire trip.