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New Partnership with Harlan Morris

Pictured above, St. John’s staff welcomed to Trenton, TN by Mayor Ricky Jackson

We are pleased to announce that Harlan Morris and St. John’s Community Services are actively pursuing Harlan Morris’s acquisition by St. John’s Community Services. We do this at the invitation of and in partnership with the Harlan Morris Board as they seek an organization to continue the legacy and quality of care of Harlan Morris while bringing additional resources and supports to better manage the program and support the residents who live there.

While we are still finalizing the transfer, we are optimistic and excited about the opportunity. St. John’s Community Services began overseeing day-to-day operations on March 4th, 2019. Details of the acquisition continue to be worked out, but we are targeting May 1st, 2019 as a potential final date of full transfer.

As this becomes final, we will schedule times to meet with residents, families, staff, and community partners to introduce ourselves, and hear from them about what they find important and valuable about Harlan Morris and what they would like to see improved.

In the meantime, and in an effort to alleviate any immediate concerns, St. John’s Community Services has every intention of maintaining staff, residents, and keeping residential rates the same for current residents for at least the first year. In addition, we will be working with all Harlan Morris residents to assure the continued quality of care.

We are excited to bring our expertise and talent to this new opportunity!





Alan Thornton
President & CEO
St. John’s Community Services