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“I’ve tried to create an environment where, firstly, if we try something that doesn’t work that we are comfortable enough with each other to be vulnerable and say this didn’t work and here’s why.”

This Advocates for All interview is a deep and real discussion between Jason Torreano, Executive Director of Inkululeko and Alan Thornton, SJCS President & CEO about how leading with vulnerability and humility helps create the culture to support innovative service delivery in the midst of the pandemic.

Jason’s nonprofit has been operating for 10 years and works with young people in South Africa to finish high school so they can move on to university or develop a skill set to pursue a career of their choice after high school. “We create opportunities,” Jason describes.

At SJCS we believe everyone has the potential to contribute in amazing ways and we love connecting with other organizations who share that belief. We strive to find ways to provide every individual we support with the opportunities they need to dream, achieve goals and contribute to their community.

SJCS strongly believes that regardless of an individual’s circumstance, whether that be economic status, race, religion, age, mental or physical disability, sex, sexual orientation or identity⁠—the people we serve, our employees and those we encounter in the communities we serve, deserve the right and opportunity to live their best lives. Our video series Advocates for All, are compilations of candid, personal and in-depth interviews with individuals sharing their experiences, ideas, and thoughts on what it means to be an advocate, an ally, and a member of our incredibly diverse community.

We are St. John’s Community Services and we are Advocates for All!

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