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“Just disregard the disability, they want to do the same things that we want to do… they have their good days and their bad days, just like us, even if they have a disability, they are still people.” Destin Johnson shared, who is a DSP (Direct Support Professional) at our SJCS Martin,Tennessee location. Hear the ins and outs of Destin’s amazing work during these unprecedented times and his inspiring views on why his work is so important in this Advocates for All interview.

“It’s nothing short of heroic,” Alan Thornton boasts of Destins work. September 13th-19th is DSP Appreciation week. However, at SJCS, DSPs make our world go round, so we are celebrating our DSPs all month long.We could NOT do the important work we do, or support the amazing individuals we support with a passionate, person-centered approach if it were for all of our amazing DSPs. So we are celebrating our DSP all month long. So thank you Destin, from the bottom of our hearts, because without your heart SJCS wouldn’t be what it is.

SJCS strongly believes that regardless of an individual’s circumstance, whether that be economic status, race, religion, age, mental or physical disability, sex, sexual orientation or identity⁠—the people we serve, our employees and those we encounter in the communities we serve, deserve the right and opportunity to live their best lives. Our video series Advocates for All, are compilations of candid, personal and in-depth interviews with individuals sharing their experiences, ideas, and thoughts on what it means to be an advocate, an ally, and a member of our incredibly diverse community.

We are St. John’s Community Services and we are Advocates for All!

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