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“That’s just plain heroic” – Alan Thornton, President & CEO said of Belinda Kimble’s work as a DSP at Harlan Morris (The Elder Care facility SJCS operates in Trenton, TN). This year during the pandemic Belinda and her co-workers were asked to shelter-in-place for a month with the vulnerable residents at Harlan Morris. “It was the right thing to do” she responded, about the sacrifice she made during that difficult time. Our DSPs are amazing, so many of them selflessly putting the individuals they support first.

Belinda’s care and passion for the people at Harlan Morris go beyond just fulfilling her tasks at a job—she does her best every day to make sure our residents are living their best lives even if that means creating a pop-up salon for the ladies who can no longer head out to get their hair done due to the pandemic. Our DSPs are our biggest advocates, working tirelessly, every day, to provide the very best care to the people they support.

SJCS strongly believes that regardless of an individual’s circumstance, whether that be economic status, race, religion, age, mental or physical disability, sex, sexual orientation or identity⁠—the people we serve, our employees and those we encounter in the communities we serve, deserve the right and opportunity to live their best lives. Our video series Advocates for All, are compilations of candid, personal and in-depth interviews with individuals sharing their experiences, ideas, and thoughts on what it means to be an advocate, an ally, and a member of our incredibly diverse community.

We are St. John’s Community Services and we are Advocates for All!

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